5 advantages of group exercise

You’ve been there: After a long, busy day at work, the last thing you want to do is get off your comfy couch and head to the fitness center. But you also understand that skipping your exercise routine on a regular basis isn’t good for your physique and overall well-being. How can you motivate yourself to get up and get moving on those nights when it seems impossible? Consider group exercise.

Taking a fitness class and working out with your peers is one of the easiest ways to socially interact and stay on track to achieve your goals. So why not give it a try? Here are five advantages of getting physically active with a group:

1. Motivation
When you place yourself in a group of people reaching for the same goals as you, you’re likely to push harder than you would on your own, according to Livestrong.com. Classes are lead by fitness instructors who are trained to motivate you throughout the workout to go beyond your personal records.

2. Fitness structure
You’ve likely skipped going to the fitness center once or twice because you weren’t sure how to go about the workout. Or, maybe you made it there but had no clue how to get started, so the first few minutes of your routine ended up seeming like a waste of time. When you attend a group exercise class, Active.com said you won’t have to do any planning. It’ll have structure and consist of a proper warm-up, workout and cool-down.

3. Accountability
By signing up to attend a fitness class on a regular basis, you’ll be less likely to skip out on your workout. Why? Because there are people holding you accountable. Do you want to show up to the next one and explain to your instructor that you decided to sit on the couch instead? And think about the money you put down on the group class. If you don’t attend, you’re essentially throwing your cash out the window.

4. Physical progression
When you go to the fitness center on your own and perform the same exercise moves every day, you’ll likely get bored, plateau and stop seeing results. When you give fitness groups a shot, you’ll spice things up and start working more muscles in your body. Variety is key if you want to make physical progression.

5. Social interaction
Joining a group fitness class isn’t only a great way to get physically active. It’s the perfect opportunity to get out and meet like-minded people who have the same lifestyle goals as you. Who knows, maybe you’ll even make a long-lasting friendship or two!

At Ellis Athletic Center, we offer a variety of group classes so you can stay motivated and accountable in reaching your fitness goals. Come out and try Yoga, Pilates, Les Mills, TRX and more today!