4 reasons you’re not seeing fitness results

Picture this: You’ve been hitting the fitness center five times a week for the last two months with strength and discipline. You’re finally ready to step back on the scale and see a smaller number than the one you squinted through last time. But when you finally find the courage to open your eyes and look down, you see that nothing has changed. Not a single number has a dropped.

But why did this happen? You’ve worked out religiously for weeks. Why aren’t you seeing the results you hoped for? Shouldn’t you look and feel different by now? Fortunately, these questions can be answered. Read on to learn about a few mistakes that might be keeping you from noticing a difference, plus changes you can make to fuel those results you’re craving:

1. You’re not following the right diet
Fueling your body for a workout matters more than you think. You need to be strategic – and serious – about what you’re eating. The Huffington Post said you should be consuming a variety of protein, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats to fuel your workouts. Stop choosing snacks loaded with sodium and sugars before a trip to the fitness center – your workout isn’t going to cancel them out, they’re just going to slow your body down from working its best. You need to follow a strict diet if you want to see real results.

2. You’re not switching things up
Mixing things up at the fitness center is key if you want to see change, according to what Craig Ballantyne, C.T.T. told Men’s Fitness magazine.

“People who just go through the motions, doing the same workout over and over again each week, don’t make progress,” he said. “In order to see results, you body needs a new training stimulus.”

That means switching things up every once in a while. For example, you can try stepping away from the treadmill and taking a cardio-focused training class a few times during the month. Or, maybe you’ll start working with a trainer once a week, who will give you new ways to sweat during each session. Without variety, your body will plateau and results will be out of reach.

3. You’re not pushing hard enough
Think about the last time you went to the gym. Did you truly push yourself to the breaking point? Or did you just go through the motions and watch the clock tick, waiting for your workout to end? If you want to see results, you have to stop keeping track of time and fully invest your heart and soul into your exercise. Forget everything else while you’re at the fitness center and concentrate on working up a sweat and pushing yourself to the limit.

4. You’re not letting your body recover
Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone at the fitness center will maximize your results, but only if you give your muscles a chance to recover. Without rest days, they don’t have the chance to rebuild after being destroyed. This increases your chance for injury. To take the best care of your muscles, make sure you’re getting enough rest and hydrating properly.

At Ellis Athletic Center, we can help you maximize your workout with personal training, group fitness classes and more. Regardless of your age of ability, we can help you test your limits and reach those results that’ll boost your confidence and improve your overall health.


7 benefits of small group training

There are plenty of ways to get up and get moving at the fitness center, but joining a small group training class can be the most beneficial. Gone are the days of feeling lost the second you enter the weight room. And using up all of your time on the treadmill? You can forget it. By signing up to exercise with a group of like-minded individuals, you’ll challenge yourself in an entirely different light and have a blast along the way.

Here are a few reasons to consider small group training in the near future:

1. You’ll have access to a personal trainer
It’s easy to get bored or feel apathetic about working out when you don’t have guidance. In a small training group, you’ll have a trainer who designed a program with variety, so you’ll always stay motivated and excited to get moving.

2. You won’t stress over being in the spotlight
Some people don’t want to work with a personal trainer because they’re intimidated by the one-on-one experience. With a small fitness group, you can still receive help from a professional without the stress of the individual focus.

3. You’ll have a safe and effective workout
Overworking yourself, picking up too much weight or taking a gamble at an exercise you’ve never tried before can be harmful. By enrolling yourself in a class led by a trainer, you won’t have to worry about overexerting your body or blindly working yourself to the point of muscle strain. Instead, you’ll receive instruction that ensures you have the safest and most effective workout possible.

4. You’ll meet like-minded people
Think about the people you’ll meet and the bonds you’ll form. The National Federation of Professional Trainers said that small group training creates camaraderie among individuals. It allows you to surround yourself with people who are reaching for the same goals, which can motivate you and benefit your social well-being. Use the opportunity to interact with friends as an inspiration to get to the fitness center. It’s a great way to multitask if your schedule is too busy!

5. You’ll stay motivated with accountability
Because you’re exercising with a group of people – led by a trainer – you’ll be more likely to stay on track and workout regularly. Joining a small fitness group holds you accountable and keeps you more disciplined and focused than exercising on your own.

6. You’ll see results
There’s nothing worse than dedicating multiple days of the week to exercise only to find that you’ve made no progress and you’re not seeing any results. By joining a small fitness group, you’ll be led by an instructor who has the knowledge to transform your body – and confidence – into something you’ve always wanted.

7. You’ll have a blast
How many times have you dreaded going to the fitness center? If you’ve ever had to drag yourself there only to watch the clock tick wishing it was time to go, you need to join a small group training class. Fit Day said it best: “Most anyone will agree that exercising alone can be boring and tedious.” If you sign up for a session with others, you’ll have more to look forward to.

At West Conshy Athletic Club, we offer a number of different classes and will soon add small group training to the calendar. Be on the lookout for the schedule! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 610-828-1830 or visit us for a fitness consultation.