Corporate Wellness: Benefits For The Employees

Corporate wellness is great for both companies and the people who work there. The benefits are numerous for the employees and the businesses where they work. Altogether, coworkers who workout together are likely to work together better in the workplace too.

Do you want a discount on your gym membership? Through a corporate wellness program, Ellis Athletic Center offers employees reduced rates on memberships. Your company just needs to sign up as one of our corporate partners, and this discount is all yours.

But a discounted membership to our fitness center isn’t all members enjoy when they are part of a corporate wellness program. Continue reading to learn more about the team building activities and continual education available as part of these community-building programs.

More Benefits Than Traditional Membership

Ellis Athletic Center understands the relationship between healthy employees and a more productive workspace. Through a traditional membership, team building, and continual education, you can rise up above your coworkers — or push each other to new levels together — and further your careers.

Team Building

Throughout the year, we offer various events that help employees come together through fitness. Join together to compete against other businesses in the area during a summer softball league. You can also participate in specific team building events, such as the Staff Scramble we hosted this summer, that teaches you how to better get along with your coworkers while you also spend time outside exercising.

Nutrition and Fitness Education

Members can take advantage of nutrition and fitness education opportunities from our specialists at Ellis. Each corporate wellness program includes piles of information with nutrition advice and fitness programs that can help people attain their goals. It’s like a dose of personal training thrown in with a traditional membership.

Better Health and Wellness Means A Better Workplace

All of this cumulates into a lifestyle that emphasizes health and wellness, both inside and outside of the workplace. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals to raise each other higher past your goals. Working out with coworkers is good for team bonding, as well as the obvious mental and physical health benefits. Healthy individuals are often happier in general, which means a better workplace for everyone.

As an employee, you can encourage your company to take the right steps toward a healthier environment. If you want to become a better employee, make yourself better outside of the office. Start with some time at the gym, and encourage those around you to do the same.

Send your boss this corporate wellness link to learn more about how your company can partner with Ellis Athletic Center in Newtown Square.