Frequently-Asked Questions: COVID-19

Please Note: WE ARE OPEN as of FRIDAY, JUNE 26. Group Exercise resumed Monday 6/29. Our Group Fitness offerings are inside & outside and can be found here !

Please review this FAQ sheet for answers to most questions related to COVID-19 and reopening Ellis. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. Please be sure to check your email and follow us on social media for updates. We are adjusting as best we can!

Safety FAQ Ellis Members STAYING SAFE!

We ask all our members to take 6-foot social distancing seriously while visiting the club. 

No member or child should enter the club if exhibiting any symptoms of illness. 

We will use floor decals to facilitate social distancing in the club and studios. 

Spin bikes and classes will also be spaced out.  

Please follow these guides when you are in club.

Masks will be required to check-in and move about the club, but are optional only while exercising for respiratory health reasons.

All members are responsible to cleaning their equipment after each use; additional cleaning hours have been added to ensure a clean safe environment.

All members are required to sign the Ellis Athletic Waiver before entering using the facility.

Membership FAQ

Are we going to be billed July 10, 2020?

Yes. The club is open so billing resumes as normal on the 10th of each month starting July 10th.

Is my Personal Training membership on hold? 

Please contact your personal trainer regarding your training sessions & billing if they have not already spoken with you. If you need a personal trainer or have questions please email Vicky at

Should I freeze or cancel my membership?

If you have already requested a freeze or cancel on your account, those account changes were made. If you need to freeze for additional time after we reopen, please contact us at 610-355-7360 or send us a message at  If your account has not been frozen of cancelled as of June 30th, 2020 you will be billed on July 10th for member dues billing.

When will the 30day Cancellation & Freeze Policy be placed back on all accounts?

As of July 1, 2020 our 30day billing cycle will be back in effect.  Cancellations need a 30 day notice to take effect.  Freezes on memberships can be called in up until the last day of the month, and will reflect immediately the following month.  Ex: You have until July 1st to cancel your account for August and you have until July 30th to freeze your account for August.

All freezes processed after June 30th will reflect normal fees, Freeze fees are $10/month, and medical freezes are $0/mo and require a medical note.

Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

If you wish to cancel your account, you must follow normal cancellation procedures starting June 29th. Cancellations must be signed in person in the club. If a physical signature is not possible, please send certified letter with your cancellation request per your contract. Either of these options are a requirement so that both parties have proof of the terminated contract.

If you wish to cancel your membership before the contract end date (which has been extended 3months) there will be a $100 early termination fee applied.

What is the AMF ? Do I have to pay it?

Yes, we kindly as you to help keep us stay open and stay new, and pay your AMF! Our Annual Maintenance Fee is charged to ALL Ellis Athletic Members.  This fee helps Ellis maintain upkeep, updates and upgrades.  We know you will enjoy the improvements we have made and the many more updates about to come!

How does the closure affect my 1-Year Commitment membership?

If you are still within the term of your 12-month contract, your contract term is extended by 3 months. All contracts were automatically frozen (April, May & June) due to the mandatory shut-down.

How does the closure affect my Paid-in-Full membership?

Your PIF membership will pick up where it left off.  We have extended all PIF memberships 3 months on each individual account.

What happen to the towel service and when can I grab a shake after my work out again!?

Towel service is temporarily on hold.  We ask that you bring, use and take home your own fitness and shower towels.  We are trying to make this environment as safe as possible including keeping our staff safe, so for now, no towel service.

Shakes will be back July 20th! All staff are required to wear masks and gloves while preparing shakes.  Please bear with us as we adjust our front desk scheduling, many of our lives have changed drastically in the past few months, so when we think we have this cleaning down to a science we will bring back the shakes!


What is the best way to get Group Exercise Updates?

Please use our online Group Fitness calendar – on our Group Fitness Schedule Page, PLEASE check your class times all week *they are subject to change for your safety! These first 2 weeks we are on a trial run and we are doing the BEST WE CAN! FB & IG will get cancellations and last minute updates first, and when we can we will send an email and club text.

Are the classes limited? 

Now that the draft schedule is up and running we will use these next 2 weeks to asses our class turnout and attendance.  We have our gymnasium hosting many classes, this space is sufficient for up to 30+ members to attend.  Our group fitness studio is first come first serve for 2 weeks.  We have planned our classes locations based on their past attendance and estimated numbers of attendance.  The instructor is to notify us if the studio capacity reaches 12 ppl, we will makes changes accordingly or prevent more attendees in that specific class.

Do I have to sign up for classes?

No you do not have to sign up for Group Fitness with the EXCEPTION of Spin.  Spin sign up is call-in  or in-person up to 24hr before the class.  Once we gauge our member attendance we will imply limitations and sign ups if necessary.

What do I need to do to attend an OUTSIDE CLASS?

ALL MEMBERS who attend outside classes please check-in, inside.  Select your weights and grab an OUTDOOR mat near the side door NOT FROM THE GYM FLOOR and head outside! If there is inclement weather and we have to cancel, the class will not be moved or rescheduled.

What if I want to take an outside class but I am not ready to check in- inside?

Group Fitness Instructors will happily check you in outside if you are not ready to come through the club.  HOWEVER, we ask that you bring your own equipment if you are not entering the club.  Because we are a small club and limited on staff we ask that you please refrain from asking your instructor to set you up for class. The instructor is to teach the class on time and safely distance themselves from others.   Please enter the club and select your own equipment or as mentioned above, feel free to bring your own.

How do I clean my equipment OUTSIDE?

We will provide a cart with cleaning supplies outside during your class, please clean your equipment and mats and place them on the cart- FINITO!

How do I clean my equipment INSIDE?

You will notice more spray bottles and paper towels around the club, spray and dry equipment, or feel free to use the gym wipes.  If anything needs to be re filled or re stocked let us know and we are happy to fill it promptly! PLEASE PLACE EQUIPMENT BACK after cleaning.


Is the play care open? 

YES, the play care is open the gymnasium only, the play care room is still closed.  All gymnasium toys are disinfected daily.  We ask that if your child is showing any symptoms of cold, flu or illness, please keep them home.  We reserve the right to ask parents to remove their sick child if we feel it is unsafe.  Masks are NOT required for children, only staff.

What are the Play care Hours?

Monday – Thursday    9:00am – 1pm    &    5pm – 7pm

Friday    9am – 1pm

Saturday & Sunday    8am – 11am

What are the Gym hours?

Club Hours of Operation from June 26th through July 19th will be as follows:

Monday – Thursday    5:30am – 8pm

Friday    5:30am – 5pm

Saturday & Sunday   7am – 5pm

Please send any additional requests to Please allow us time to process all member requests, we are adjusting with everyone and your patience is appreciated.

Ellis Athletic Center

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