Les Mills: The essential facts and why you should try it today

If you are a follower of fitness news and trends, you may have heard the name “Les Mills” being brought up again and again. The innovative workout program is sweeping the globe, with millions of dedicated members of the “tribe” achieving their health and strength training goals every day with the assistance of qualified instructors and trainers. But what is Les Mills and how does it help program members achieve their gains?

What (and Who) is Les Mills?
The innovator behind the program is Les Mills, the program’s namesake, a four-time Olympian and founder of the Les Mills World of Fitness chain of gyms in Auckland, New Zealand. Mills was a keen observer of the developing area of aerobics training and beginning in the 1980s, Mills started designing a specialized group workout program set to music. The music, Mills noticed, helped members stay motivated and made it easier to sync up with the moves being taught by instructors. Since then, Les Mills programs have exploded and are now available in clubs and gyms all across the world, as well as “On-Demand” home workout programs.

How does it work?
Les Mills offers a dozen different workout programs, each one customized to target a different fitness goal. Each is a multimedia workout experience, featuring aspects of dance, strength training, weight lifting, cardio, even combat and karate training into a uniquely designed exercise class. From its most popular BODYPUMP – aimed at getting members toned and lean through the use of scientifically proven moves and techniques – to the yoga-based BODYFLOW focusing on breathing control and flexibility, Les Mills offers something for everybody – and every body.

As part of our over 50 weekly group exercise classes, Ellis Athletic Center offers Les Mills, bootcamp classes, fitness trails, triathlon training as well as lower impact options such as Yoga, Pilates and SilverSneakers. Combined with our expert personal trainers, state of the art facilities and luxury amenities, Ellis Athletic Center is the most important stop on your path to greater fitness and health.