Ellis Athletic Center Presents Our Kids Summer Camp!

If you’re looking for a low-commitment summer activity for your children, our Kids Summer Camp at Ellis Athletic Center might be the perfect fit.

For children ages four through 10, the Kids Summer Camp at our gym in Newtown Square gives children a chance to play sports, complete obstacle courses, play outdoor games, and much more! There’s no better way to keep your children healthy and busy this summer than our active summer camp.

Kids Summer Camp Details

We know that summertime gets busy between planned family vacations, sleepaway camps, and sports leagues. For this reason, our gym in Newtown Square offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to registration and participation.

  • Children ages four to 10
  • 9 a.m – 12 p.m, Monday through Friday
    • Lunch Bunch option from 12 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. with meals from the Luigi & Giovanni cafe (cost: $15/day)
  • Session dates:
    • July 23 – 27
    • August 20 – 24
    • August 27 – 31
  • Note: You can register per day or for the whole week
  • Cost: $30/day

If you want to register your child for our Kids Summer Camp, find the registration form here! For additional information, feel free to contact Liz at echiliberti@factsfitness.com.

Reasons To Sign Your Child Up For Our Kids Summer Camp

There are myriad benefits when it comes to promoting an active lifestyle from a young age. However, registering your child for the Ellis Athletic Center camp isn’t just about them — it’s also about you

Having a Gym With Childcare Gives You Time For You

When you drop your child off at 9 a.m. for their fun-filled day, you get three hours to yourself. Since you’re already at the gym, you can get in whatever workout you want without needing to rush back to pick your children up from child care. Plus, since the camp extends for three hours (with the option of an additional 45-minute lunch), you also have time to actually relax at the gym.

When’s the last time you were able to take a long shower after your workout, taking advantage of our laundry service and locker room amenities? Have you ever had time to just sit down and grab a refreshing smoothie from our Juice Bar? When your kid is having a blast and making new friends on the basketball court, you can relax at the gym.

Or, since our local gym is conveniently located in the middle of the Ellis Preserve, you can run around town and do some errands while the kids are busy.

Whatever you choose to do with these three hours, they’re yours!

Our Summer Camp Is Flexible

Registration for the Kids Summer Camp was designed to make your life as a parent easier. You don’t need to worry about whether you’re around for the whole week, whether you need to pick your kid up early on Wednesday for an appointment, or whether you want to make a game-time decision about camp. You can register on a daily basis or for the week(s), so there’s nothing too binding about the camp.

If you have a child who tends to be shy or to get separation anxiety, a three-hour camp is also the perfect amount of time. You can see how they do on the first day without worrying about paying in advance for a week they might not even want to attend. (That’s usually not a problem, though, as our trained counselors are well-versed in supporting all types of children and keeping the kids very engaged!).

The Kids Summer Camp Is A Blast

Our summer camp itinerary isn’t just a quick game of basketball or tag outside. We create an enriching and active environment where kids of all abilities can come together and play. Your child will participate in sports activities, including learning the fundamentals of a few different sports, crafts, obstacle courses, outdoor games, peer-to-peer relationship building, and much more! Each camp is supervised by licensed and trained professionals, so your children are in good hands.

If you want details on our specific activities, be sure to give us a call today at Ellis Athletic Center.

About Our Gym With Child Care

There are distinct benefits to joining a gym with childcare, including the ones that we covered in this blog. In terms of conquering summertime boredom and inertia, there’s no better time to join a gym with child care than now.

In addition to our Kids Summer Camp, we also host birthday parties, open play days, Ellis Kids Classes, and have a Play Care center. Whether you’re looking for something to do with your children or want a chance to prioritize your own self-care, Ellis Athletic Center is the local gym for you.

Stop by our gym for a tour, or learn more about our Kids Summer Camp today!

Reasons Kids Should Hit the Gym

We hear over and over again the reasons that we should make fitness a part of our routine. Whether it is the stress release, the cardiovascular benefits, or even the ability to improve our life span, adults are practically berated by the importance of fitness. But what about our children and their fitness needs?

A lot of times we think of our children’s fitness in the context of sports teams, and this is indeed a wonderful way to encourage our children to be healthy and active. Other times, though, we associate gyms with regimented places for adults where children aren’t even allowed. Ellis Athletic Center wants to change this narrative, as we believe a gym for adults should also be a gym for kids. This is why we offer our Ellis Kids program, so you can enjoy a workout while your kids play in a safe and active environment. Being committed to our Newtown Square community means providing healthy lifestyle options for members of all ages.

We have compiled the reasons that going to a fitness center can be extremely beneficial for children — and, by proxy, a great decision for their caretakers as well!

Positive Family Health Routines

Children learn habits from us every day, some healthier than others. When it comes to a lifelong commitment to healthy living and activity, children really do learn best from their parents. Even better, children develop positive behaviors by actually doing the behavior — so, it means more that your child can go to the gym with you instead of just seeing you leave with your gym bag.

At Ellis Athletic Center, we have a Wellness Weekend planned with exactly this principal in mind. The weekend schedule will include a Family Fun Walk starting at the Ellis Athletic Center and will continue through the Ellis Preserve. A one-mile walk accessible for strollers and wheelchairs, this walk is an incredible way to get the family together for a fitness activity. Show your kids the importance and fun of fitness while you walk with them.

Ellis Athletic Center in Newtown Square also has a play care center for your children, so you can still get them in the routine of going to the gym but have them enjoy a safe and active environment while you exercise. If you are looking for a gym that provides services for your entire family, Ellis Athletic Center can meet your needs.

Motor Skill Development

As adults, we typically exercise to strengthen, rehabilitate, or preempt injury in our bodies. Our children exercise to actually develop these fundamental motor skills. When children play sports or participate in activities at a gym for kids, they develop hand-eye-coordination, spatial awareness, depth perception, and other crucial human skills.

Ellis Athletic Center offers Ellis Kids Classes, such as Sports Tots and Yoga Tots, to introduce our kids to a range of exercises and activities. Not only can they develop enthusiasm for activities and see how fun they can be, but they also build strong bodies in the process. Yoga Tots especially teaches our kids to see the mind-body connection from an early age, and thus help to mitigate unhealthy mental and physical patterns. While your children learn these skills from our certified gym for kids staff members, you can enjoy your own group fitness class, personal training session, or treat yourself to a healthy snack at our juice bar.

Becoming Good Teammates

When you enroll your child in gym for kids classes and activities, you also teach them the valuable skills of sportsmanship and teamwork. At Ellis Athletic Center, our facility includes an indoor basketball court and athletic facility available for rent. In our mini-sports camps, geared to be a gym for kids activity, we teach children to enjoy activity without bogging them down in any competitive or self-oriented games. Instead, we focus on interaction and cooperation while we move!

Ellis Athletic Center in Newtown Square believes that fitness routines can and should include the whole family. Adults, of course, still need the time to workout and decompress, which is why we feature gym for kids activities such as child care, sports camps, and family wellness weekends. Come into our facility today and see how Ellis Athletic Center can get your whole family active.