7 Tips for Starting a New Workout Routine

So you’ve decided you want to start exercising. First off, congratulations! You’ve made the decision to enrich your life and improve your health. To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve put together this list of seven tips to keep in mind when you start a new workout routine. At Ellis Athletic Club in Newtown Square, we’re passionate about giving people the tools, knowledge, and motivation they need to reach their fitness goals. Ready to get started? Well, let’s go then!


-Start off slow

When you’re first starting a new fitness regimen, it’s important to take it easy at first. Even if you were an athlete in high school or college, if you haven’t kept up with working out, you’re not going to be at the same fitness level you once were. While it is an admirable goal to want to bench what you did when you were 17, that’s not where you should start. Work up to your goal slowly. When we get older, there are a variety of factors that cause our body to lose strength and stamina, so it’s something you have to account for. If you ignore this, you’re putting yourself at greater risk of getting injured.

-Understand your limits

As you get started, you’ll start to learn what your limits are. The human body is exceptionally adaptable. You will get more out of a workout that challenges those limits, but it’s important you don’t push it too far. If you put yourself through a punishing regimen, you’re more likely to get hurt. What happens when you get hurt? You can’t exercise, which means you can’t make progress. This is what makes working with a professional trainer — either individually or in a class — so valuable. A trainer is able to guide you up to the edge of your limits, but help you reign it in when you need to. It’s good to find a middle ground in how intense your workout is. Are you able to read a book or make a phone call while you exercise? You might need to bump it up. Are you feeling aches and pains over a week after you last hit the gym? That’s a sign you should slow down.

-It’s not just about exercise

Something that can’t be understated when discussing fitness is that exercise isn’t the only factor to consider. In order to get the most out of your new exercise regimen, you have to take a three-pronged approach. The first of these prongs is, naturally, working out. The next, and maybe most important, is your nutrition. You have to give your body the right fuel in order for your hard work to actually take hold. Finally, the prong which is too often overlooked is getting enough sleep. Your body needs enough time to repair itself, rebuild, and burn fat. This requires ample rest. That burning sensation you get after a workout? That is caused by microscopic damage being done to your muscles as you use them in a way they aren’t used to. Sleep and rest help your body recover and repair that damage to make your muscles stronger.

-Practice proper form

The number one cause of exercise-related injuries is when an exercise is done with the incorrect form. In fact, doing an exercise with the wrong form is worse for you than not doing that exercise at all. This is another area where a professional trainer can be invaluable, as they’ll guide and spot you as you work out, giving you pointers for how to maintain your form and avoid getting hurt. When you exercise with improper form, you’ll put a strain on parts of your body you’re not intending to work, while not getting the results you’re actually hoping for. Not only does this lead you to get hurt, but it also puts your goals further away than when you started.

-Using a sauna can help with recovery

As we touched on earlier, rest and recovery is a vital part of any workout routine. You should always be doing cooldown exercises before you finish for the day. One way to recover that many people swear by is using a sauna or steam room. Through the use of heat therapy, your body is able to increase its production of growth hormones, which are valuable to the process of muscle repair, as well as speed up the metabolization of fat. This will help you recover from injuries while lowering your body’s oxidation levels. Heat can even detoxify your body.

-Nutrition helps with soreness

Many people who love to work out feel great when they’re sore after a day at the gym. It’s a sign that they worked hard. However, that muscle soreness (also referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS) shouldn’t hang around too long. You can help get rid of that soreness with the right diet. When you drink enough water, you are hydrated enough to give your muscles greater elasticity, which means they’ll be strained less when you exercise. If you’re on a weight loss program, eating a high-protein diet will help a great deal as well.

-It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Maybe the most important piece of advice we can provide is this little tip about your mindset. Fitness is not a quick process. There aren’t any get-ripped-quick schemes. It’s a process, and one that you have to understand takes time. While you might not see results right away, it’s vital you don’t get discouraged. Patience is a virtue, as they say, and that’s certainly true when it comes to working out. Give it time, keep moving forward, and you’ll get there.

Beginning your journey to a healthier you is one of the best decisions you could ever make, but it’s going to take work to make it happen. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Here in Newtown Square, you have Ellis Athletic Club to help you along the way. Whether you sign up for one of our many classes or you want to spend some quality one-on-one time with a personal trainer, we’ll help you set goals, learn proper form, and get motivated to put in the work. Call us today to learn how to get started!

Corporate Wellness: Benefits For The Company

Short and sweet: healthier employees mean a happier workplace, higher productivity rate, and more money on your bottom line. Now let’s dig into these details about how a corporate wellness program can put this into action.

1) Get Healthy Employees

While you can’t necessarily snap your fingers and all of a sudden have an entire workforce of fully healthy people, you can put the opportunities in place that make it easy for your employees to get healthy and stay healthy.

This may mean signing your team up for a corporate wellness program at Ellis Athletic Center. We offer discounts on memberships to make it more affordable to go to the gym. Our facility also has child care to make it easy for employees who have children to still exercise regularly.

Health doesn’t just revolve around exercise and visits to the gym. It also means eating the right foods to supply the body with the best nutrients. The corporate fitness program at Ellis includes continual education about nutrition, diet, and fitness, so that employees are never left in the dark about how to live a healthy life.

Most important for the company owners or health advocates within the business is this: foster a healthy environment in the office. Encourage those who are active and who eat well. Provide ample opportunities for both mental and physical breaks. Consider team building activities that get people moving, such as a summer softball league.

Fitness, nutrition, and a health-focused culture are three keys to getting healthy employees on your staff. Now let’s see how this can positively impact your business.

2) Create A Highly Productive Culture

Gym veterans are usually the type of people to set goals and achieve them. In the gym, it means pushing yourself to be better than the last workout.

This same mentality can be easily replicated in the workplace. The gym is a place people go to exert physical energy, so make the workplace somewhere to exercise mental energy. From the top, encourage people to bring their A game every day, to stay positive when things get tough, and to always produce better quality work every day. Set goals. Create pathways to meet them. Encourage teammates along the way. These are just a few things you can do to create a connection between a corporate wellness program in the gym and the same attitude of productivity in the workplace.

3) Demand Success

Success can be defined in a variety of ways. In the gym, it’s usually considered a success when goals are met. And as these goals are achieved, new ones at higher levels are set. It’s not always about lifting the most weight or running the longest distance. It can be getting to the gym a certain number of days each week, eating breakfast every day, and so much more.

Likewise, a business can demand success of its employees by clearly creating benchmarks and goals, and then rewarding the employees who meet and surpass them as they arise. Each individual should have personal goals that help contribute to the overall company goal.

Altogether, a business who focuses on physical and mental wellness will soar past their competition who leaves it out of focus. A physically and mentally fit company will achieve higher goals, which ultimately boils down to a higher profit for the company as a whole.

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Corporate Wellness: Benefits For The Employees

Corporate wellness is great for both companies and the people who work there. The benefits are numerous for the employees and the businesses where they work. Altogether, coworkers who workout together are likely to work together better in the workplace too.

Do you want a discount on your gym membership? Through a corporate wellness program, Ellis Athletic Center offers employees reduced rates on memberships. Your company just needs to sign up as one of our corporate partners, and this discount is all yours.

But a discounted membership to our fitness center isn’t all members enjoy when they are part of a corporate wellness program. Continue reading to learn more about the team building activities and continual education available as part of these community-building programs.

More Benefits Than Traditional Membership

Ellis Athletic Center understands the relationship between healthy employees and a more productive workspace. Through a traditional membership, team building, and continual education, you can rise up above your coworkers — or push each other to new levels together — and further your careers.

Team Building

Throughout the year, we offer various events that help employees come together through fitness. Join together to compete against other businesses in the area during a summer softball league. You can also participate in specific team building events, such as the Staff Scramble we hosted this summer, that teaches you how to better get along with your coworkers while you also spend time outside exercising.

Nutrition and Fitness Education

Members can take advantage of nutrition and fitness education opportunities from our specialists at Ellis. Each corporate wellness program includes piles of information with nutrition advice and fitness programs that can help people attain their goals. It’s like a dose of personal training thrown in with a traditional membership.

Better Health and Wellness Means A Better Workplace

All of this cumulates into a lifestyle that emphasizes health and wellness, both inside and outside of the workplace. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals to raise each other higher past your goals. Working out with coworkers is good for team bonding, as well as the obvious mental and physical health benefits. Healthy individuals are often happier in general, which means a better workplace for everyone.

As an employee, you can encourage your company to take the right steps toward a healthier environment. If you want to become a better employee, make yourself better outside of the office. Start with some time at the gym, and encourage those around you to do the same.

Send your boss this corporate wellness link to learn more about how your company can partner with Ellis Athletic Center in Newtown Square.

The Time to Work On Your New Year’s Resolution is Now

There are only 65 days left in the year! With the holiday season officially upon us, those 60+ days are going to go fast. Before you know it, you’ll be ringing in the new year and trying to decide what this year’s resolution is going to be. If you are like most Americans, you’ll be making a fitness-related resolution this year, and it’s probably not the first time you’ve done it. Most people who make a fitness resolution have made them many, many times in the past, too.

If that sounds like you, then it’s time to do things differently this year. Instead of waiting for the new year to begin, it’s time to start working on your resolutions now. Because our gym has child care, personal trainers, and all the classes and equipment you could need, Ellis Athletic Center is the perfect place to get it done.

Why You Should Start Working on Your Resolution Now

Avoid the post-New Year’s gym crunch.

If you’ve ever joined a gym after the New Year, then you know what we’re talking about. A lot of gyms are packed with people who have made it their resolution to achieve a fitness goal. By February, they start to disappear. But why bother with the packed gyms when you could start working out now and start to see the results well before the new year arrives? That way, you avoid disappearing from the gym in February, too, because you’ll be motivated by the progress you’ve already made.

You’ll skip the holiday weight gain.

We all know how easy it is to gain weight over the holidays. If you start your new fitness routine now, though, you can avoid the weight gain and even get a jump on knocking off some of those excess pounds you are already carrying. Our personal trainers can work with you to ensure you are able to enjoy the holidays and avoid depriving yourself of those tasty holiday treats while still staying healthy and fit.

You’ll enter 2018 feeling good about yourself.

How do you usually feel on January 1st? A lot of people look in the mirror and aren’t happy with what they see. They’ve put on weight over the holidays. They haven’t been exercising. And now they are starting another year feeling down about themselves and not feeling or looking their best. Is that how you want to start 2018? Or would you rather start it feeling like a champion?

You could actually achieve your fitness goals.

If you’ve been making New Year’s Resolutions year after year about your fitness and you aren’t achieving your goals, then it’s time for something to change. It’s time to try something different. Starting now and working with a personal trainer can help you stay focused and motivated, instead of hitting the gym hard in January and avoiding it like the plague by March. Working with a personal trainer and starting today could be what you need to do to finally hit those goals.

We have a team to help you do it.

Our personal trainers are ready to get to work. If you want to start achieving your fitness goals now and not two months from now, we’re ready to get started, too. Talk to our team about becoming a member of Ellis Athletic Center today. And if you are already a member, ask how you can get a free one-hour personal training session!

3 Reasons Your Company Needs to Start a Corporate Wellness Program

Are you sitting at a desk all day? More and more of us have jobs that require us to sit in one place for eight, nine, or even ten hours a day. That sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for us; it’s not good for businesses, either. More businesses are recognizing the negative side-effects of sitting at a desk all day and starting corporate wellness programs to try to combat the effects. Those negative effects can include an increase in the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, depression, and other life-threatening diseases. These corporate wellness programs aren’t just good for the health of your teammates, either; it’s doing wonders for your company’s bottom line. Even Forbes magazine published an article titled “Five Reasons Corporate Wellness Is More Important Than Ever,” in which they note the long-term benefits the program can have for a company. Here is how a fitness program at work could actually end up saving your company money.

Are you interested in learning more about what the program can do for your team? Here is how a fitness program at work could actually end up saving your company money and providing you with a healthy ROI.

How Corporate Fitness Creates a Better Bottom Line

Employees take fewer sick days.

When your team is working out, they are decreasing their risk of diseases and illnesses that could cause them to miss work. Employees who get regular exercise are far less likely to need to take their sick days, which means you aren’t paying out on sick leave or dealing with chronic absenteeism. According to a 2011 study published in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, just 2.5 hours of exercise a week led to fewer sick days. More people at their desks when you need them there means you can get more work done, which has a direct effect on the bottom line.

Health care costs go down.

Employees who exercise regularly are healthier. That means fewer trips to the doctor’s office. You’ve probably seen a rise in your health care costs over the last few years, and you aren’t alone. Businesses are feeling the crunch of paying for health care costs. But numerous studies show the correlation of corporate fitness programs and decreasing health care costs. Encouraging employees to be healthy really can help them avoid doctor’s visits as well as decrease their risk for dangerous health conditions, so not only will you be paying less for their healthcare costs, they will, too. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle can even help prevent the development of certain cancers, which is a massive drain on your healthcare budget.

Boosts your retention rates.

Your employees actually like working out and being encouraged to get fit. That’s why more of them stay in their current job when a corporate wellness program is in place! You know how expensive it is to find a new employee for an open position. You have to pay for the marketing costs, go through the interview process, and then get the new employee trained. It’s much, much more expensive to hire a new employee than it is to retain an employee, so putting a fitness program in place is a good first step to cut those turnover rates.

Employees are more productive.

Exercise can help increase focus. Increasing physical activity produces more endorphins in your body, which is responsible for helping you concentrate on tasks. When your employees are getting the exercise their body and brain needs, it will help them focus on tasks at work. That increased focus means they are getting more done. Many businesses see a spike in productivity when their employees are participating in a fitness program.

It can help employees bond with each other.

This is a great side effect of working out together! When you encourage employees to get out and exercise, it gives them a chance to get to know their team mates. When they form relationships outside of work, they’ll work together better inside the office, too. Whether they are taking a walk at lunch, running on the treadmill, or spotting each other on the weights, it’s a chance to get to know each other better and learn how they can work together better on the job, too.

So What’s the Real Impact on Your Bottom Line?

Johnson & Johnson has been an avid fan of corporate wellness for over 20 years. They estimate that for every dollar they’ve spent on the program, they’ve saved more than $2.70. Altogether, according to an article in the Havard Business Review, they’ve saved more than $250 million in health care costs in just a decade. Imagine if your company could save even a fraction of that!

Ready to Start Your Corporate Wellness Program?

If you’ve been thinking about starting a fitness initiative in your office but aren’t sure about how to start, you can talk to the team at Ellis Athletic Center. We love working with local businesses and helping them encourage their teams to get fit. We offer a number of programs suitable for businesses of every size. Some of the benefits of signing up for our fitness program includes:

  • Discounted rates in our Newtown Square gym
  • Employee education on nutrition and fitness
  • Access to personal trainers and state-of-the-art equipment

We’d love to talk to you to tell you more about the benefits your employees will experience when you sign up for our gym. Get in touch with our team by giving us a call at the number above or using the contact form on our website.