The Surprising Benefits of Small Group Training

Besides our great personal training services, Ellis Athletic Center also offers small group training in Newtown Square. This is similar to personal training; a trainer works right alongside you, helping you reach your personal fitness goals. However, in small group training, you’ll be working with a group of between four and eight people. This makes it a great option for a group of friends who are working towards a similar goal or for a small athletic team who want to refine their skills for the next game. Our trainers work with teams to help them identify their goals and then create routines and workouts that are tailored to their needs. There are a lot of great benefits to doing small group training! Check out some of our favorites.

Your Small Group Can Benefit from Training with Us!

There is more accountability.

When you are working out with a group, you can hold each other accountable. It’s easy to skip a workout when you are going to the local gym by yourself. It’s a lot harder when there is a group of people waiting for you. Accountability between small group training members can help you get results a lot faster because you attend your workouts more often.

You’ll get to workout with your friends.

It’s fun to workout with your friends! While some people prefer to workout on their own for the peace and quiet, others find this quickly gets boring. Having friends to workout with can make time at the gym less of a grind and more of a social activity. So you’ll get to reach your fitness goals while hanging out with some of the people you like the most.

You get more personal attention from your trainer.

While personal training offers the most one-on-one time, small group training is a close second. Your trainer will be able to keep an eye on your performance and give you feedback on how you can improve. It’s better than going for it yourself and hoping you are doing things correctly. This level of personal attention can help you get results from your workouts faster.

Your trainer can mix up the routine to keep you interested.

Having a personal trainer work with your group means having a knowledgeable, experienced person there who can mix up your workouts and routines to keep you interested. Going to the gym isn’t very fun if you are doing the same thing over and over. Your small group trainer will get to know what your group likes to do the best and tailor your workouts accordingly.

You might even see more results!

Many people report that small group training helps them see results faster than they do when working out on their own. That’s probably a combination of the workouts that are fun, varied, and motivating as well as spending time with friends.

Are you ready to see what small group training could do for your team or group? Get in touch with Ellis Athletic Center in Newtown Square today. We’d love to talk to you about the benefits of small group training and tell you how you can get started today!