Ways That Your Workout is Helping You at Work

The time and energy that you put into the gym don’t stay in the gym. No, the advancements and growth that’s happening during your workout is something that you’re carrying with you in your day to day life, including the workplace. Ellis Athletic Center in Newtown Square offers corporate wellness programs for organizations to take advantage of so that their employees can reap the long-term benefits. Today’s blog is going to visit just a few of the ways that your workouts are benefiting your work days.


Reduce Stress

For many of us, the first thing that we think about when we hear the word “work” is stress. With a work week averaging at 40 hours, if not more, it goes without saying that the stress built up during the day is hardly left in the office. When stress builds up, it not only hurts you mentally and emotionally, but it can take a physical toll on your body as well.

From heart health to weight gain, stress can be extremely damaging to the body. One of the best ways to manage stress without completely walking away from your job is incorporating a workout that allows you to release that pent up stress and frustration in the form of an exercise.

Whether it’s a midday workout or it’s a class that’s happening after the work day, having something available to release stress with is going to be something that all workers will benefit from.


Boost of Confidence

It’s challenging to imagine a position in the working world that couldn’t benefit from a little boost of confidence. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in the corporate world or working as a temp — an increase of confidence translates into every move you make. As an employer, this is something that you want to see in your employees because it means that you’re getting the absolute best that these individuals could produce.

As an employee, it means that your job becomes less stressful due to a boost of confidence in your abilities. It says that you are taking charge of more than just your body and your health; you’re taking charge of your life.

Again, it doesn’t matter whether this is a workout happening in the middle of the day to keep your juices pumping, or if this is something that you’re doing on your own time — a workout is a workout, and it helps enhance confidence levels.


Laser Sharp Focus

While the work days have been 8 to 10 hours long for as long as many of us can remember, this is still a good portion of your day that is being dedicated to working, and that can be taxing. After a couple of hours of sitting at a computer or talking on the phone, it’s easy for any employee to become complacent or lose focus on what the daily objectives are.

Taking breaks is something that many successful individuals suggest doing. If not to run and grab a meal or get a cup of a coffee, at least step away and clear your mind so that you can come back to the task with laser-sharp focus. This is the best way to avoid exhaustion throughout the work day so that you continue to do the best work possible.


Get Creative Juices Flowing

Stepping away from your task can help increase your focus, but it can also help get your creative juices flowing. If you’re having a hard time finding a solution, putting the finishing touches on a project, being productive or something along those lines, you’ve likely hit a mental block.

If you’ve ever hit one of these walls, you know how frustrating it can be and how easy it is to sell yourself into the day becoming a complete wash. Rather than let this mentality win, head to one of the corporate wellness classes and get your body moving! It is crazy how much the slightest break can change your mental state for the rest of your day. Give your brain a break from the task at hand, get a good workout in, and come back to the job with an entirely new mindset.


Get Your Body in the Groove

Routine is something that your body truly appreciates. It can be hard to maintain a routine when we all know that life gets crazy. Even on the most insane of days, finding the time to give your body what it needs and follow a routine will help you in so many ways.

How many days have you woken up tired and dreading that 8 hour work day ahead of you? (Hint: We’ve all been there!) These mornings are usually the fault of a restless night spent tossing and turning while stressed from work or trying to organize your schedule for the next day.

When you get your body into a routine that includes a challenging workout during the day, you’re pushing your body and your mind which prepares you for a smoother work day and a better night of sleep at the end of that long day. Aside from that, the routine schedule will help you stay on track with your meals which will also keep your mind sharp throughout the workday.

In the case that you’re able to improve your health and your work environment, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the opportunity?


At the Very Least, Try a Corporate Wellness Class

The benefits that working out has on your workday are more than just the few that we’ve listed above. If you are an employer and you’re wondering if the investment is worth it, it is! If you’re an employee and you’re wondering whether or not those workout classes are the real deal, they are! Start incorporating the corporate fitness classes offered by Ellis Athletic Center today!